Hello There

I'm Zack, I'm a 24 year old Full-Stack Web Developer, Java Developer and Hobbyist Photographer from the Tampa Bay Area.
I like to solve problems and take pictures. This is my website / portfolio / dumping ground.
Nice to meet you.

Open Source Projects

Pretty much everything I do nowadays is for a company and not public, but here's a small collection of things I maintain or created at one point in time, in no particular order.

A maintained fork of michaelbonds/ship-station
Designed to programmatically access the ShipStation REST API via PHP with Guzzle
A highly configurable logging system for the Bukkit API, largely unnecessary now that log4j is bundled with spigot and bukkit, but it was pretty useful back in the day :) An extensible Java IRC bot with a node-based permissions system, meant for basic channel administration and utilities, featuring a full plugin system with runtime classloading